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Globus Global Business Solutions was first founded in Florence - Italy - in 2004 by Federico Bruni. Federico has been programming before and managed programmer teams after from 25 years ago and over the time he has acquired a firm knowledge of the pain points of the ICT market. Thanks to the increasing requests and collaboration projects received, he decided to open Globus Ltd in the UK in order to help other businesses increase their efficiency thanks to targeted software solutions and process optimisations tailored on customers' specific needs. Ever since, we have been growing, up to becoming an incisive presence in the ICT market in Italy, across Europe and South East Asia.

Globus offers various services divided into 4 main pillars:

Our objective is to help you maximise and increase your business success, whether this encompasses developing your company website or programming a net-new enterprise web/app platform. As opposed to our competitors, Globus Global Business Solutions offers the advantage of having its management line close to you while our teams of international developers help you realise your projects in a timely and effective manner. This way, thanks to our Agile Project Management approach, we keep efficiency constant throughout the whole delivery process.

Our expertise in software development is the result of 2 decades of hard work, research and bespoke solutions that we have been providing to our clients across the globe. This gave us a detailed overlook of the difficulties that small and medium enterprises encounter on a daily basis. We know what to do, how to do it, and how long it takes to get there. Obviously, the success of our collaborations is the result of fruitful and constant interactions with our clients. Now that you know more about us, tell us more about you!

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