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Whether you run a small or medium sized business you may certainly be on the lookout for expanding your chances of revenue. Here at Globus we specialise in empowering companies like yours. Our solutions are tailored on your needs and budget. Thanks to what we have been learning over these last two decades of presence in the business, we are capable of delivering a wide range of projects in a timely manner: from front-end web development to bespoke hybrid and native apps. To do so, we rely on two key elements that have made Globus successful since 2004: our highly experienced developers, and our Agile project management strategy.

Our solutions are the result of years of experience in the industry. Globus was first founded in 2004 in Italy, and thanks to our expertise and know-how, we are capable of analysing the technological needs of our clients, so as to provide dedicated teams of developers with a quick ramp-up phase to help you cut development, ownership and management costs and obtaining the best time-to-market.

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We might be new to the UK, but surely we are not new to this industry. Globus has been working internationally for almost 20 years. We have ran projects across multiple countries, and to do so we rely on different teams of highly experienced developers. Do you think to be highly demanding from your team when working on a project? Well, we are very ambitious too and rightfully so.

Here is explained why we are so committed and focused, as we help you scale your business. Let's have a chat and see how you can benefit from the advantages of hiring a dedicated team in extension, or working on your project together.

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Globus Net UK - Success Stories
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