1. What is Globy?

First and foremost, we recommend that you refer to Globy with 'who' as opposed to 'what' (pssst... he is quite susceptible!). Globy is a stand alone Chat Bot with zero configuration or bot training required. Also, this plug-and-play chatbot does not require any 3rd party service integration like Facebook. Globy helps our visitors easily find the services they are looking for! It is a must have plugin for trending and leading conversational commerce and shopping. Here is why, we will be happy to develop your own bespoke chat bot to integrate with your company website. Want to know more? Check our Services page or ask Globy!

2. What Can Globus Net UK do for me?

Since 2004, at Globus Net UK we have been helping companies across various sectors and geographic areas implement their business processes.

To do so, we offer Extended Teams of Developers, Outsourcing Support, Bespoke Software Development and Business Management Tools that will help you improve your productivity.

Want to know more? Check our Services or About Us page. Alternatively, consult Globy for more assistance.

3. What Happens After my Project Has Been Completed?

Guess what? We will stick around! Our partnerships are not a one-off kind of collaboration. At Globus Net UK we take pride of what we do and we want you to be successful. Therefore, once the project has been completed and the relevant tests conducted, we will be there for further assistance and maintenance. All our customers have then relocated our expertise and services to other departments within their company or asked us to work on more projects with them.

Want to know more? Check our Success Stories or About Us pages, or let Globy take care of your queries.

We cover several industries across a various range of sectors spanning from Sales and Retail to E-commerce; from Supply Chain to Warehouse Departments; from Trade and Brokerage to Manufacturing; from Marketing and Communication to Education and Healthcare, and beyond!

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4. What Is In It For Me To Hire An Extended Team Of Developers?

There is a wide range of advantages that your business can benefit from hiring an extend team of highly experienced developers. We will either help you review CVs and select the best talent out there, or relocate some of our resources to help you with your projects.

At Globus Net UK we are very serious when it comes to hiring software engineers. What other companies might consider a 'senior' engineer, for us may only correspond to a 'middle-level' developer. Here is why our recruiting process encompasses a series of practical tests and verifications aimed at checking candidates' mastery of coding problems and integration issues across various platforms.

Firstly, counting on an extended team of software engineers will lift off your pockets the responsibility of maintaining an in-house team of developers. Our clients have saved up to 40% in HR operational expenditures by relying on this service.

Secondly, you wouldn't have to pay for software licences and maintenance costs, in that we would provide our developers with the relevant instruments to develop your project. So, there would be an ulterior cut to additional expenditures.

Thirdly, you can choose to manage your extended team of dedicated engineers or ask us to do so. Alternatively, we can co-manage the group of developers who will be working exclusively for you.

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5. How Much Would It Cost to Hire a Team of Developers?

Way less than you can imagine! In broader terms, the price of this service may vary depending on the size of team and the level of expertise required.

Our clients have saved up to 40% in HR operational costs, as opposed to hiring in-house teams of coders. We also offer daily rate reductions at a sliding scale based on contract length.

Additionally, you can either decide to manage the team yourself, leave it to us or co-direct the operations. In either case, you will be part of the development and delivery process, as your precious insights will be vital to make the project better and let it look like you had dreamed of. 

Want to know more? Check our Services page or let Globy address your questions.

6. How Does Globus Net UK Work?

At Globus Net UK we are Agile Masters. As we have been in this industry since2004, we have had almost 20 years of time to learn what is that businesses need and what their priorities look like.

Our software engineers have no less than 7 years of experience in the field, and our management will always be there to guide you throughout the  development and delivery process. Our Agile approach will accelerate the ramp-up and efficiency process of the work.

Since the very early stages of our collaboration, your opinion will be at the centre of our priorities. We will assess the situation, address together your needs, priorities, draw an action plan and get back to you within the first 24h.

Once this will be established and the team instructed, the project can commence. As we proceed, our management will constantly liaise with you and provide reports and analytics concerning the development of your project. Your contribution will be highly important also to conduct beta testings and make sure that the delivery looks exactly like you had imagined it.

Want to know more? Check our Services and About Us pages, or let Globy direct you towards the right solution.

7. Who Will Detain the Intellectual Property Rights of My Bespoke Software?

The answer is easy: you! At Globus Net UK, our sole priority is to make you successful. You tell us what you need, and we will take care of the rest. But once the software is completed, the Intellectual Property rights will be completely transferred to you.

At Globus Net UK we are only interested in offering you the best solutions and results, whether this encompasses developing an enterprise web or app tool to control your warehouse or engage with your employees; or interact with your customers to boost your sales. We are software developers here, not Wall Street speculators.

Want to know more? Check our Success Stories and About Us pages, or consult with Globy on how to proceed further.

8. Where Are Globus Net UK’s Teams of Software Engineers Located?

Our headquarters are based in the UK and Italy, but we also have a branch in South Asia.

Our UK-based line management will constantly be there for you since the very early stages of our collaboration. Our Agilea pproach to project management will accelerate the ramp-up and delivery phase of your projects, by obtaining results in a timely and transparent manner.

Our team of experienced professionals will take your hand and guide you towards a road of success for your business. Here is why, your involvement and valuable insights will be crucial.

Want to know more? Check our Services page or ask Globy to address your queries.

9. What Bespoke Software Solution Can Globus Net UK Make for Me?

Basically, anything you need! Whether this is an internal company portal to engage with you employees, control the payroll or warehouse; or a front-end device that will allow you to fruitfully interact with your customers to drive sales and revenue.

Among other things, we specialise in ERP, Business Automation, Databases and Client Service solutions, CRM and Warehouse Management tools, scalable and integrable Ios and Android apps and much more!

Our software engineers have no less than 7 years of experience in the industry, and can offer a wide range of coding skills and knowledge. Just tell us what you need, and we will make it for you.

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10. How Can My Business Benefit From Globus Net UK’s Services?

At Globus Net UK, we are very proud of our experience and know-how. Over the last 2 decades, we have had the chance to learn a lot from our clients across several industries. As a result, we have gathered enough experience to help you accelerate and make more efficient your workflow and business processes.

To do so, a team of engineers will walk you through some technology solutions that can be adapted and integrated with your company assets. This will help you better manage your departments, by ultimately sharpening the supervision and deployment of you business continuity.

Want to know more? Check our Services page, or ask Globy how to contact us.